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with nokia and google with the mobility, that acquisition has not exactly paid off mobility at google has not really worked for them. what do you think will happen for microsoft? >> you have to look at the reasons the companies are making acquisitions. they did get into the hand set business at google and microsoft as acquiring nokia but acquired a substantial portfolio of property or pat tents, which both are using to grow base business and from the stand point of looking at microsoft, they have a devices and services strategy and need to put the product more in the hands of consumers as they move towards mobile forms of computing, smart phones and tablets. nokia not powerful as far as smart phones but the combination of a strand brand like nokia globally if we look into the developing markets and the technology invasion could lead to interesting upside over the next three to five years. >> we can't talk about tech without bringing up apple. i know you've been recommending it for awhile now. the stock crossed over the 500-dollar mark briefly today. what do you think about apple at this p
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today from nokia out of abu dhabi at nokia world. the 2520, new tablet from nokia launching in the u.s. and uk first. then coming to the rest of the world. $499, same price that apple has been with the ipad. initial sense from viewers it's pretty solidly built, looks like the rest of the phones in nokia's line. we'll see how that does. microsoft looking to acquire nokia's devices and services business for $7.2 billion. we also see two large screen phones coming out of knee kia at this event and lower-end phones. we'll see if this tablet doesn't have to do better than the ipad, probably not going to happen, just add incrementally to what nokia has been able to do, gain some share in the mobile business. of course apple event is the big news today. i will be inside sending live updates on "power lunch." back to you. >> all right. john fortt reporting for us. seema also taking a look at microsoft from new york city. seema, are they buying what microsoft is selling or nokia more appropriately selling in abu dhabi? >> tyler, we're not seeing any long lines at this microsoft kiosk in new y
and this comes on the same day two new microsoft tablets hit the stores. and enthen there's nokia who unveiled its first tablet. a little late to the game. none of the companies got at the memo that the big area touch screens are the new thing right now. jerri willis is with us. this note is out of cupertino and i learned the ipad air weighs 1.4 panses and it's called screaming fast. >> they made thes bel skinnier, there's a bigger screen, moves faster,lighter, 1.4 pounds. the new one, a single pound. it makes my old ipad look like yesterday's news. >> it's $499. >> that's right. >> and macpros, the 13-incher and the 15-incher. >> it's an upgrade across the board. they're using the new ios system called the maverick. they usually name it after these cats. this time it's the maverick. you also want to check out the new desktop, $2,999. for professionals, macpro. >> this new 13-inch one, it has a retina display, nine hours of battery life. in fact somebody there said you could watch the black knight trilogy from cover to cover without publish. >> and never plug in and never have to worry about i
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yesterday at 522 dollars. nokia is also in a rush to release new products ahead of the holidays. rumors suggest-- nokia will take the wraps off smartphones with larger screens and a tablet based on winddows rt. this could be the last major release before microsoft takes over. nokia shareholders will vote in less than a month on microsoft's offer to buy it's device and services business. facebook c-e-o, mark zuckerberg makes his first known investment in a startup. called panorama, the company says it is the only entity that uses specific data analytics to improve k through 12 education. the company recently said it had raised 4 milllion dollars in seed funding. meanwhile, facebook might need some analytics of its own -- the website wasn't accepting status updates or comments for part of the day yesterday. president obama is angry about breakdowns on the new health insurance website. but adds some of the glitches were caused by some 20 million americans jumping on line to grab at the chance to buy low cost health insurance. from the white house rose garden monday-- president obama offer
that works. >>> meanwhile, nokia has been unveiling new devices taking place in abu dhabi. the finish company has showcased a new phone, the lumia 320. it comes equipped with a six-inch screen as well as windows power tall let called the lumia 25 20. >>> more tu gal has said they'll do everything they can to avoid a bailout. is the european banging union a crucial set? more when we come back. 0 that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance
wars. meanwhile nokia launching a new tablet and apple releaseding surface two. >> terrific. the september job numbers have been repleased, that's below forecast but august job gains were revised higher. unemployment was low wheel the labor rate participation rate did remain unchanged the quarterly average, 103, 207 before that, 2 9 before that. private sector is putting on the brakes. >> interest rate back to 2.05. that's really amazing. the big spikes, 2.8, 2.9, that turned out to be a became. >> interest rates are back to where maybe housing gets reignited. i'm not sure. >> how does that pertains to the jobs number? >> it not working. i think there were people today who were saying this didn't include the government shuft down. the worry over the government is with us every singlement. the worry about health care costs is with us every nt? every type you bring on a ceo, they all say do you know what a great time this would be if it weren't for washington? at cnbc we're talking about the idea that washington ought to get its act together. i think these numbers directly ref
have a question for jon? >> jon, did you see nokia's new machine and how does nokia's ipad look compared to what you're seeing today? >> good question, jack. nokia just rolling out the 2520 in abu dhabi. it's about the size of the full size ipad but builts in cellular wireless connection. that might be appealing. early reviews are positive but they have a tough road to hoe because of applications. apple has much more and now adding free software to the mix, which microsoft does not include, jack. >> does this give the nokia ceo an upperhand in the succession race at microsoft? >> i think he's still in the race. i wouldn't say upperhand, though. a lot of folks i've been talking to says bill gates has alan mulally high on the list including paul maritz. >> carl icahn is pushing a buyback. what should he do? highway should he handle icahn? back with jack welch talking about that. were you surprised carl icahn came out all guns ablaze wanting change, investor moves? >> i hope tim cook doesn't take his eye off the long-range strategy for apple. look, activist investors are getting a
on the program, apple wasn't the only company to unveil a new tablet today. so did microsoft and nokia but can these other tablets chip away at the ipad's lead? first how commodities, currencies and treasuries performed today. >>> microsoft chairman bill gates is making a big bet on the turn around in spain through an investment fund gates is paying 155 million dollar for a 6% stake in a spanish construction company. making him the company's second largest stake holder if he can pronounce it. this follows significant announcements over the past year by warren buffet and carlos slen. >>> a big day for tablets, apple, microsoft and nokia unveiling a new device today in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season. microsoft updated surface tablets and apple rolled out updated versions of top saling ipads. jon fortt has more from silicon valley. >>> it's a wrestling match in the tablet market. apple the heavy weight out today with a new lineup of ipads. what is new? the full hissed ipad gets a new name, it's now the ipad air, 30% lighter and the ipad mini gets an upgrade, retina display and m 7
, estableinÉs pob >>> y este fin de semana abarrotÓ el teatro nokia los Ángeles, esto quiere decir que su fanaticada estÁ contenta. y verÁn todas las revelaciones que hizo espinoza paz. >>> anunciÓ su retiro por las redes sociales hace un aÑo. pero espinoza paz regresÓ triunfante y admitiÓ que tuvo problemas con su representante. >>> cÓmo vas con tu relacion con tu mÁnager? >>> estamos reacomodando todo para ver quÉ necesito yo, que necesita Él, y con la misma energÍa seguir para seguir haciendo cosas grandes. >>> a travÉs de twitter le pidÓo a su fanaticada que no firme nada sin leer. y su mÁnager dijo que ayudÓ a espinoza a llegar al estrellato. >>> cuando eres c chiquito te llevan a la escuela. prefieres hacer otro? creo que un artista evoluciona, y yo soy el artista, no me voy a mover de aquÍ. >>> ante tanta revelaciÓn su equipo de trabajo dio por terminada la conferencia. >>> como que estoy mÁs libre, y tengo ganas de platicar, de aparece aparecer. y yo no tenÍa a nadie, ahora hay muchos amigos que antes no estaban. quiero decirles que soy un hombre feliz, estoy fe
in with you a little bit later on. apple is not the only tech company making headlines. nokia and microsoft releasing new tablets of their own today. debudebuting the first tablet de and new mobile phone models today. the tablet, 2520, equipped with a 10-inch screen and will run a special version of microsoft windows 8 operating system. the second versions go on sale today. the second surface has been slimmed down and now double battery of its predecessor. the surface falls in the forest, does anybody here it? having tough sales problems. lori: think we have a better chance of hearing the tree fall in the forest. also, in the midst of earnings season. we had a lot of dow members reporting. united technologies, travelers, dupont reported before the open. beating profit expectations but they missed on revenue. in the report each company give investors a bit of good news. dupont reporting higher sales while united tech lower in the guidance. another stock we are watching as netflix. shares soaring to an all-time high and earnings before reversing course reversing a gain of 10%. while many firm
. >>> nokia is revealing its first-ever tablet. it is know as the fablet, fabulous. >>> these dancing kids know how to put on a show, but many risk their lives just to do so. ♪ on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. >>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are your headlines. secretary of state john kerry is in london where he is meeting with world leaders about the war in syria. he said a political solution is the only way to end the conflict. >>> a weaker than expected jobs report is outtoday. employers adding 148,000 jobs in september. the report was delayed because of the government shutdown. >>> and counselors are available for students at sparks middle school in nevada today. monday was the scene of the shooting that left a teacher dead, and two other students wounded. the 12 year old shooter then shot and killed himself. >>> a group of young men from iraq have turned a lot of heads in the hip hop community. they recently performed in de
. nokia and we compared the tablets each geared towards different demographics and help you decide which one's best for you. >> they were doing more of it for free. >> it's part of the whole my life suite, so you can print photo books, although you have you to send them to apple to be printed and they make more money off of you. >> thanks julie. >>> not only was september job report released late because of the government shutdown t didn't measure up. employers added 138 jobs, well below 180,000. 7.3 unemployment rate to 7.2% based on data before the government shutdown. any fallout from that will show in october's numbers. stocks ended higher. investors are on optimistic the federal reserve will boost the economy because of the disappointing numbers. the dow ending at its highest in a month. >>> the community of sparks nevada trying to make sense of a deadly middle school shooting. theresa garcia tells us 911 calls and emergency dispatches revealed chilling moments after a student opened fire. >> chaos and fear can be heard on emergency calls made during monday's shooting. >> can you pl
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dice ser un hombre sumamente feliz y este fin de semana abarrotÓ el teatro nokia en los Ángeles. >>> magalÍ ortiz estuvo presente en esta conferencia, y verÁn las revelaciones que hizo espinoza paz. ♪ >>> anunciÓ su retiro hace un aÑo. pero espinoza paz regreso triunfante, y admitiÓ que tuvo problemas con su representantes. >>> no estamos peleados, estamos reacomodando todo para ver quÉ necesito yo, que necesitamos los dos, y con la misma energÍa con la que empezamos seguir para seguir haciendo cosas grandes. >>> surgieron por su contrato, le pidiÓ que no firmaran nada sin leer bien. ya que habÍa gente que solo buscaba robar y vivir del talento de otros. en ese momento negÓ la acusaciÓn, y dijo que ayudo a espinoza a alcanzar el estrellato. >>> es sencillo, cuando un chiquito tiene 4 aÑos le tienes que cambiar el paÑal, despuÉs lo va a dejar, despuÉs lo vas a llevar a la escuela, despuÉs se va a ir en el camiÓn, y despuÉs le vas a comprar un carro, o sea, pero que prefieres volver a crear otro chiquito o mejor acomodate con el que estÁ hecho y sigan haciendo
a screaming fast new ipad. i don't know what that means. nokia announced it's first tablet. it will be the same prize as the new ipad, $499. and microsoft will start selling it's surface two tablets. the question is will they offer any competition to that ipad? the new ipad air is thinner, blah-blah, apple promises it will be more comfortable to hold in your hand not that i ever heard anybody complain that it was cumbersome. $499, and begins shipping november 1st and unveiled by the way an ipad mini with a retina display starting at $399. i don't know why i'm being so blasae. i like these things. we all know how apple makes money. they sell product. what about twitter. at 140 characters or less can you explain why twitter makes its money? justin said exposure and the ability to direct a message to a crowd in a concentrated matter. nate tweets i was under the impression that some form of black magic was involved. here's my explanation of how twitter makes its money. by placing paid tweets from peeps you don't follow into your feed, inserting sponsored numbers into friends an
ultrathin one-pound ipad, it became the latest weapon in the tablet wars. microsoft and nokia update of also had new and updated products. >> this is definitely a war. this is big bucks and big potential for a lot of these companies and they know the future of their companies really relies on success of the tabloid industry. >> reporter: manufacturers are expected to ship 184 million tablets this year, 53% more than last year. by 2015, 331 million tablets will ship, outnumberss p.c.s for the first time. one-third of american adults now have a tablet. they're replacing textbooks in some schools and cash registerss in stores. alex matthews just opened this juice bar in los angeles and installed ipads both for the look and the cost. how much would a regular cash register system cost you? >> it would have been about $30,000. whereas our system costs around $12,000. >> reporter: less expensive tablets mainly run on google's android platform, are now taking a bite out of apple. two years another the ipad made up 65% of the tablet market versus 30% for android. by the end of this year, android is e
, here's your nokia tracking number. check your own status. it will really head off at love problems. melissa: and a lot of frustration. make people feel like they know what is going on. they have some sort of an agency. i love that one. number four as well. you say separate research process from the shopping experience. does that mean you would have two different websites or how would you do that exactly? >> you know, the experience would still feel like you're going to one website, but if you think about, again, i go back to amazon. i go back to, any shopping site, even looking for a loan. you can shop all you want and nobody asks you for account information. and why do they do that? there is really two reasons behind that. first, makeing a simplistic customer experience. simplicity is king when it comes to the internet. let people shop. when they're ready to buy, send them over to the buy side. the other piece is load balancing. think about it. y don't want to have all of the people who are ready to purchase inputting all of the same information at the same time as people who are
microsoft with the surface pro two. and we got nokia with their first lumia tablet. so the game is changing. >> so there is a lot more competition. let me ask you this. when you evaluate the apple versus these other ones, you have two new iphones, you talk about it. pacific crest says the iphone 5 s in the u.s., outstripping the one with the colors. >> it hasn't really worked and was not ga idea. >> stock this year down 15%. when you look at the stock market, it is up more than 20%. is this enough to turn it around? now they have more competition. >> you have to get away from the idea of thinking it is a device. you need to start thinking about echo systems do you mean want to be an ios? an android? or do you want to be in wind owes 8 or some versions of the windows phone sterm? that is the future. those people who have this won't necessarily have an android phone. if they have an android phone, you're looking puzzled and dismayed. >> these thing, are i'm not a tech savvy -- >> right. but the future is very much in which system of operating system do you want to be part of? what an sl doing
computers and software. nokia also unveiling its first tablet, and the latest version of microsoft surfaced tablet the stores the data. shares of netflix dropping, that's right, dropping, down more than 9% on concerns that the stock may be overvalued at only about $322.50 per share. up next, obamacare compliance already wreaking havoc on small business across the country. best-selling author john tepper will be here to give as counsel. did you ever want to own a bar? coming up. ♪ customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics. she loves a lot of it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cial tadalafil for daily use
that microsoft / nokia wanted to be out the same date. try to steal some of their thunder. melissa: i think you just look like sort of a tablet light weight / loser when you try and come out and pile on apple which is the big gorilla in this space. to me it seems like a bad tax strategy. is there an argument you can make? >> sure. i mean, look, everyone compared to apple in the tabloids here no matter who you are. and so, i mean, mostly i agree with you. at the different they would have been better, but if you contrast in the big guys wait and that might give you some attention that you would not have done otherwise. melissa: we're talking about it. i wonder if they are dominating right now, but you do have to ask, will they continue to dominate? looking at the iphone which was tremendous in its space. now you look at samsung which is delivering more than twice the number of units of the same smart phone. look at those numbers with apple pudding of 31 million, samsung's 72. right now samsung is only giving aid million tablets while apple does 14 million. i wonder, you know, can samsung's come u
? >> caller: pretty good. my uncle's your biggest fan. jim, is nokia a buy? >> yes. they got a very good deal -- i mean i know the stock has run. i recommended it after they got that money from microsoft but they got a very good deal. i think the stock could run to $8, $9. i believe that if the telecommunications business that was left was worth a great deal and was being held back by the business that microsoft bought. so i think you've got another couple bucks here possibility. i think it can work like that. being open minded can open your wallet to opportunity. pxd, pioneer and best buy are examples of stocks that were wrongly priced going into the year. guess what, lots of stocks are. and you and i are here to find, "mad money's" back after this. >>> tomorrow -- kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street." live from post 9:00 at the nyse. >> i'm a little negative about the country not about the companies. the companies are amazing. >> that's another story. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. especially today, as people are looking for more low, and no calorie options. that's w
of new products as well. >> we'll see that in nokia. >> the average price sells for $239. it's not a big jump between the two models. >> we just have to see the surface 2 performing. nobody's buying it. >> we don't know how it's -- >> but the brand name is ruined from the original surface. microsoft took a $2 billion bath on that. convince consumers that windows 8 is good now with windows 8.1. i don't see it happening. i don't see any reason -- >> i think it's far too early to say the service line is doomed. there's a lot of stuff going on there. >> i'll go on the record saying surface line is doomed. >> we have to get you guys together for lunch some time. you're pretty good. letting you go at it. thank you pp, gentlemen. >> an argument about the tablet wars. i love that. right now we've got about 30 minutes left in the trading session here. the dow still down about 23 points. it's the s&p we're keeping an eye on because any positive close there will be another new all-time high. >> up next, jamie dimon, jpmorgan, expected to pay $13 billion to settle mortgage charges largely related to
tablet goes on sale at midnight. it's the first major redesign in more than a year and a half. nokia and microsoft are also announcing new tablets tomorrow. >> you know holiday season is right around the corner when they start rolling out these new products like the tablets and things to listen to music on. >> reporter: look for a story on the tablet wars tomorrow. >> 'tis the time of year. >> it is >> thank you, julie. >>> we are going to check in now with paul deanno, who has been keeping an eye on really two different kind of weather conditions in the bay area today. >> -do you feel in the middle of the fall anywhere near the batter? the inland it's time for the pool. the summer-like temperature spread is here in the middle of fall. clear skies from the rooftop looking in this direction. if you were to pan to the left would you see fog but not toward the bay bridge, nice clear night. tomorrow morning a foggy start. looking live from dublin toward mount diablo, clear, 52 degrees in san francisco. livermore finally cooled down below 80 at 77. nearly 70 in santa rosa. this may be the
later this morning. the others aren't far behind. nokia and microsoft will unveil theirs tomorrow. the big rivalry is between apple and microsoft. so let's compare those. first apple. there's talk of a faster chip, a thinner design, maybe even some rounded corners. and a fingerprint scanner called a touch id. no idea yet what the cost could be on that one. and then with microsoft, we have the surface too. we could be looking at a permanent stand for the tablet with an optional keyboard to attach as well as a usb 3.0 slot, mini hdmi and mini sd card slot. and all that starting at $450. so what are the tech guys saying about these two tablets? >> apple hasn't really changed the smart cover in two years. basically they came out with the ipad 2 so we are expecting new colors. they are not going to get same distance that microsoft is adding things like a battery or a keyboard or a track pad things that make it more of a laptop. >> reporter: so if you are thinking about selling that outdated ipad, act fast. the companies that buy these old electronics say they are just pouring in. that
and nokia announced something called the lumia 2520 a new competitor to the ipad running windows instead of apple allies ios so there's still the battle here of which flavor am i going to run, android, apple or windows? windows is the dark horse. apple and android are in a tough battle depending how you measure it. >> kind of hohum this a little bit? >> a little bit. i want to be surprised. but the tech market is so even and good right now, it's getting much harder to do a breakthrough product. >> apple, listen, brian wants to be surprised. >> don' we all? >> find more of brian cooley's tech watch segments on thank you. >>> and time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." and we do that with norah o'donnell. she joins us live in new york with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, frank and michelle. ahead, we are going to talk to republican senator marco rubio on his new plan to delay the signature piece of the president's healthcare law, the individual mandate. plus, we are going to talk it a scientist this morn
after the ceo said the stock might have gotten a little ahead of itself. nokia moved higher after dan loathe's llc said it acquired a stake in the country. fedex green after jpmorgan upgraded the package deliverer to outperform with a price target of 133 bucks a share. johnson & johnson gaining ground after hepatitis c drug gaining cle positive review from fda. finally, it's coach, losing ground after reporting first-quarter revenue came in below street estimates as north american same store sales saw their biggest drop in almost five years. back over to you. >> thank you. more on coach now and if the market has this right. >> we're joined in an cnbc exclusive by coach chairman and ceo lew frankfort. thank you for joining us. >> tell bus the quarter, what went wrong? >> as expected, north american women's bag was weak. other than we exceeded expectations. a lot of things went right as well. >> we talked about two different consumer surveys. one said christmas shopping may be up 10% based on one survey by deloitte and the other said 72% of those surveyed may hold back on purchases in t
. nokia operates this automobile. have a fob you can keep in your pocket, i have one in my pocket, this is the infinity key fob right here. when you get close to your vehicle, just tap this button. you unlock the driver's door. tap it again, you unlock all the doors on the automobile. so let's see, february, you were going to pull forward in a parallel parking situation. hit the camera button. you can see the screen on your left showing us what's in front of us, the vehicle's not in reverse. the forward camera is operational. the screen on the right is showing you four views. the camera in front, one behind, one underneath each side view mirror. as brandon our assistant walks around the automobile, you can see that the sonar bump is there picking him up. we've got a little yellow outline there. he's not right on top of the vehicle. very close to the car, it would be red. as he walks around, we never lose sight of him. you can see the side view cameras are picking him up as well. as he makes his way back around the rear automobile, we have him there as well. he's very close to the
that is. also nokia's hand set business soon to be part of microsoft coming out with six new devices, including their new first tablet computer. so if you're into gadgets, today is quite your day. >> holy hannah, we can have a tablet for every day of the week, right? >>> netflix, more subscribers than hbo now? >> mm-hmm. as a result of that they came out with its earnings and they graud ru quad ruped. they attracted 1.3 new u.s. subscribers in the latest quarter. now they have 31 million u.s. subscribers. part of this, of course, as i said is thanks to the original content like the critically acclaimed "house of cards," "orange is the new black." and this is making netflix, believe it or not, this is an incredible factoid, the fifth most walked television network in the united states. they're planning to go big into this original programming. i believe they're going to double their investments in that space next year. and so all -- you know, all the analysts out there are just smacking their lips. at least 12 brokerages raised their price targets on the stock. the stock has been a da
. in other tech news, nokia launching its first tablet today along with two large screen smartphones. these are among the last products the company developed to compete with apple. and samsung. before deciding to sell its hand set business to microsoft. microsoft, service 2 and service 2 pro tablets go on sale in 22 initial markets today, including the united states. both are updates of the first generation surface tablets released last october. improvements include increased battery life and higher resolution screens and camera peps joe, get your geek glasses on today. >> you know what, steve? i am more interested in this jobs report than the next one. i don't -- >> why? >> because i'm not interested in what the shutdown did. i'm interested in the basul level of -- >> the next two will be a mess. the expectation is in the third quarter when you started seeing more concerns of the tax increases that came in and the sequester numbers. >> the report brit was already weak. >> right. >> so was it slowing down? this is like -- when you put in the shutdown, it's like reporting earnings wit
and lighter. also a dark horse, everyone is wondering what nokia's new tablet will look like. when you talk about the tablet war, about a year ago, carol, apple had about -- i want to say something like 60% of the market share and they dominated the b tablet market. now they're at 32%. they've got these competitors and also have competitors like google's nexus 7, samsung galaxy. right now it's really anyone's game. we'll keep an eye out for you. >> competition is good. it brings the price down and makes a better product. right? >> absolutely. >> the american way. laurie segall, thank you very much. >>> ceelo green is fighting to remain free after prosecutors decided not to charge him with rape. the singer and "voice" coach is accused of slipping a woman ecstasy before he took her back to her hotel. nischelle turner is live in new york with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ceelo has talked about this case, saying the clachls are baseless and untrue. he main tans that everything that happened was consensual. the woman, though, tells a much different story. now ce
york times" says the tablet race is about to heat up. tomorrow, apple, nokia and microsoft will each introduce new tablets. the demand is exploding. about 120 million tablets were shipped last year. >>> and the "washington post" takes a look at carol burnett. she was honored with the country's top comedy award on sunday. burnett received the mark twain prize for american humor at the kennedy center. among those joining the celebration, julie andrews and tina fey who had a very funny line. he she says "i've loved you for so long, it's almost creepy," in the best of ways. >> love carol burnett. >>> and if you're thinking of settling down "money" magazine has its top list of america's best places to retire with a focus on smaller cities. and first on "cbs this morning," "money's" senior editor donna roseatto is oto oto oto is here to reveal the winners. who's number one? >> we're starting with raleigh north carolina. raleigh is of course the capital, but it is a place that's actually long been popular with retirees. the 97% -- there's been an increase, 97% incre
-resolution display and thinner, lighter design and not to be outdone, nokia is rolling out its version. all just in time for early holiday season shoppers. >>> shares of netflix poised to hit all-time highs today thanks to the success it has had in bringing in new subscribers. they added 1.3 million streaming customers in the u.s. between july and september. it has 30 million subscribers in america for the first time. netflix is reporting earnings quadrupled from the same time last year. >>> something less serious and more seasonal. you know it is halloween season when the zombie bike ride rolls through the streets of key west. >> like that idea. organizers say about 7,500 people dressed in some sort of zombie outfit and got on their bikes for the ride. some honored diana nyad with the swimsuit she wore from cuba to key west. >> it is part of the fest that runs through this sunday. >> i want to live in a place where your big responsibility that day is to dress up like a zombie. >> and ride a bike. oh, man -- by the way, diana nyad will be back in key west on saturday night acting as the grand ma
. this will be generation five for apple's ipad. >> trying to keep up withal pell, nokia is showing off two large screen smart phones known as fablets. >> i want to get back to the jobs report. this is two and a half weeks late. how reliable is it? >> a lot of people will take it with a grain of salt. the data collected was collected in mid september before the government shutdown. we know that more than a million government workers and contractors were temporarily laid off and some of those contractors still haven't gone back to work, because the demand has diminished. >> when will we get a picture, a better picture of how the economy is faring. >> a lot of people are looking towards the october jobs report. the september report can be revised. it's the best estimate right now. in october, we'll get a revision for september and get those new numbers. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> this morning, uruguay's drug czar said the government plans to sell marijuana for a dollar a gram. a law legalizing marijuana has passed in the lower house of congress and expected to pass in the senate. it is an attempt
pro and surface 2. also, nokia has entered into the tablet space. the tablet world is locked up by apple, but i think there's a chance in the corporate world. i think samsung when we talk about tablets and phones, they have a really good shot on the phone side in their galaxy lineup to compete with apple. as the holidays press on, it's always exciting as we hit the fourth quarter. it's like a tech advent calendar. everybody is coming out with a new device every sing l day. we have to watch this play out. lots of new technology and lots to shop for in the holiday season. >> i love your excitement. tech tablet tuesday? >> yes. >> say that three times fast. always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. >>> right now in australia, the country's most populated state is burning. frightened folks are being warned get ready to run because the worst is yet to come. look at these pictures. several uncontained fire fronts emerging on the outskirts of sydney. a line of fires nearly 1,000 miles long now gaining intensity as these hot winds are fanning the flames, pushing the fire fronts altoge
it tablet tuesday. apple, nokia and microsoft introducing new tablets today. apple execs aren't spilling secrets yet. analysts predict a thinner ipad with a ten-inch display screen, they say it's designed more like a mini. a new version also expected to have new high resolution retina display. >>> want to live high on the hog next time you're in vegas? enterprise is rolling out harley-davidson motorcycles for rent, a pilot program currently at one branch but could expand defending on feet back. the motto, half the wheels, twice the fun, will set you back $120 to $160 a day. yes, you do need a valid motorcycle license. willie and al, before you make your travel plans to vegas, you got to get the license. >> what could go wrong there. >> training wheels. >> natalie, thanks. one young girl bullied by her peers fights to end the vicious cycle. we calm your congestion and pain. [ man ] thank you. thank you. [ female announcer ] you rally the team. you guys were awesome. [ female announcer ] we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve
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